Can I add new products directly into SKU IQ rather than entering them into my POS or eCommerce platform?

Yes. We recommend that you continue adding and editing new products from your POS or eCommerce platform, whichever is most familiar and comfortable. However, SKU IQ does provide the option to add new products using our dashboard.

1.  In the Products menu, click Add Product.

2.  Upload any images you’d like to have associated with your product, type a product title, price, and sale price (optional). A sale price can be typed by clicking the On Sale button. Then choose where you’d like the product to be listed by clicking the Yes or No button for Lightspeed and Wix. Both Yes buttons will need to be selected if you want the product to be synced between Lightspeed and Wix.

3.  Scroll down to the Searchable Tags section to type in the brand name, description, SKU number, and unit cost. Type in the variant colors and sizes if applicable, using commas to separate variants, and use the “-” and “+” buttons to adjust the inventory quantity. Then click Publish.

4.  Your product has now been added to your inventory in the location(s) specified. You can find your new product at the top of the list in the Products menu by clicking Return to Inventory. Or, you can continue adding new products from the same window; when you publish a product, the form clears and you can create another product.