Can I edit products in SKU IQ rather than editing them from my POS or eCommerce platform?

Yes. We recommend that you continue editing new products from your POS or eCommerce platform, whichever is most familiar and comfortable. However, SKU IQ does provide the option to edit products using our dashboard.

Note: If you are editing the structure of a product, we recommend that you delete the item altogether and create a new product. This will ensure that SKU IQ will be able to detect the product’s attributes correctly, without causing issues with syncing. This is especially important with products that contain variants.

1.  Click Products in the left navigation menu to view your inventory list, and find the product you’d like to edit.

You can find any product in your inventory by typing the product name or SKU into the search box at the top of the Products page.

2.  Click on the product in your inventory list.

3.  Make any necessary changes by clicking Edit Basics, Edit Variants, or Edit Images.

4.  When you are finished making changes, click Save Changes. Your edits are saved.

Note: Only the color, size, cost, price, and quantity can be changed in the Variants section. The SKU IQ #, POS item #, and eCommerce item # are all automatically assigned by our system. SKUs and UPCs can only be changed in your POS or eCommerce system.