How do I add a new retail store to SKU IQ?

SKU IQ is not able to configure multiple Lightspeed POS locations to sync automatically with one Wix account. Wix does not currently support multi-location syncing.

If you have multiple Lightspeed POS locations and have chosen one location that you’d like to sync with your Wix store, reach out to the SKU IQ support team so they can set up your account correctly. 

After the configuration of your single Lightspeed location is completed, we might need to re-import your product data so that your inventory displays correctly within SKU IQ.

Note: Multi-location syncing is available, but it is not automated. If you choose to configure multiple Lightspeed POS locations to sync with one Wix account, you must manually fulfill orders within the SKU IQ dashboard. Inventory quantities will not sync until someone fulfills the order by selecting the correct POS location where the inventory is coming from. If you have employees to fulfill orders as they come in and would like to configure this manual setup, contact the SKU IQ support team for assistance.