How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you must uninstall the SKU IQ app from your Wix website. 

1.  Complete the SKU IQ Cancellation Request form.

2.  From your Wix Dashboard, click Apps, located toward the bottom of the left hand navigation panel. The Manage Apps page displays.

3.  Click the three dots lined up horizontally beside the SKU IQ Inventory Sync app.

4.  Click Delete.

5.  A pop up window displays asking you to complete a brief survey as to why you are deleting the app. Once you have filled out the required questions, click Delete App.

Note: Wix requires a reason as to why you are deleting the app before the “Delete App” button is clickable.

6.  The app deletion is completed, your subscription is canceled, and billing will be automatically discontinued. A confirmation banner displays at the top of the page.

This cancels future billing as well as stops the inventory syncing that SKU IQ performs.