How do I see my online and POS sales together in one place?

Merchants can view their omnichannel sales in the SKU IQ dashboard. 

1.  Click Orders in the left navigation menu.

2.  If necessary, edit the date range for the orders you wish to view. Click the date range text, select any date range within a 30-day span, click Apply, and then click Go. All your orders are filtered within the date range specified.

3.  Scroll down to the Order History section.

You can perform the following actions on the Orders page:

    • Click the order number or view link to see more transaction details. 

    • Sort your view by POS or eCommerce orders only by clicking the Online or In-Store checkbox.

    • Click Download CSV to download a spreadsheet that lists all of your transactions. 

4.  In the Summary section, you can view the total number of online transactions, the total amount earned from all transactions including taxes, and the total number of in-store transactions.