How do I set up automatic fulfillment of orders if I have multiple Lightspeed retail locations?

Merchants who have a multi-store Lightspeed setup can choose to fulfill their orders automatically so that inventory quantities will be automatically deducted from the correct retail location when an item sells on Shopify.

If you have multiple locations set up in Shopify as well, SKU IQ is able to map those Shopify locations to their corresponding locations within Lightspeed for automatic fulfillment as long as the locations have the same name within both platforms. 

If you have multiple Lightspeed locations synced with their corresponding locations in Shopify, SKU IQ will perform automatic quantity adjustments, but we are not able to send orders/sales to Lightspeed via the Send online sales into POS option with this setup.

If you have multiple Lightspeed POS locations that you’d like to sync with your Shopify store, contact the SKU IQ support team so they can set up your account correctly.