How does SKU IQ sync Square data?

SKU IQ syncs Square data changes in two ways: 1) using webhooks and 2) by polling the Square data. 

With webhooks, SKU IQ is notified by Square whenever something has changed. This allows SKU IQ to sync a stock quantity change in seconds or minutes. Right now, SKU IQ is only able to use webhooks to detect when a stock quantity has changed. 

Other changes, like product attribute changes, are synchronized using polling. On average, SKU IQ checks Square every 10-60 minutes to see if there are any new changes. The time frame may vary depending on the number of products or sales that exist on your POS system. The more data there is, the more products SKU IQ has to manually check for changes. With polling, you’ll see product or sales updates in SKU IQ every 1 to 12 hours, depending on the number of products a customer has listed in Square.