How often do I need to log into skuIQ to check my syncing and order data?

If you don’t have automations set up in SKU IQ, you will need to log into SKU IQ anytime you add a new product in Lightspeed or Wix. When new products are added, they must be manually pushed to the other platform in order to get the inventory quantities to sync. See the section Push your products for more information.

When you have automations in place

Many merchants have automated processes set up in SKU IQ that allow them to never need to log into SKU IQ. If you use one platform as your source of truth, you can contact our support team to enable the following automations:

1.  Automatic pushing of new products from your primary platform to your secondary platform. 

    • If you are automatically pushing new products from Lightspeed to Wix, those products can be pushed as “active” or in “disabled” mode, depending on your preference.

2.  Automatic syncing of certain product data when you add or edit an item within your primary platform. See the page What fields sync between my Lightspeed POS and Wix eCommerce platforms for more information about which product data can be automatically synced.

If you would like to set up automations like those described above, additional fees may apply depending on your subscription level.