General FAQs

I have multiple retail locations. How do I tell SKU IQ which location to fulfill my online order from?

If you have multiple retail locations, contact our support team to make sure your SKU IQ account is set up correctly. If you have multiple retail locations and do not have automatic fulfillment set up, you’ll need to manually fulfill each online order within SKU IQ so we deduct the inventory from the correct POS location.

Note: Automatic order fulfillment is only available if you use Lightspeed and Shopify.

To manually fulfill orders:

1.  Click Orders in the left navigation menu.

2.  Scroll down to the Order History section.

3.  Click Fulfill to sync your inventory quantities to the correct POS location and follow the prompts.

4.  After you’ve fulfilled the order within SKU IQ, you can click Details to view more information about the transaction.