It's showing that I have Quantity Issues? What do I need to do?

If you have discrepancies in quantities between your POS and eCommerce platform, you’ll see a notification on the SKU IQ dashboard. This means that your quantities did not sync correctly. This can happen if there was a temporary outage on one of the platforms or we were not able to communicate with your POS or eCommerce platform.

If you have no Quantity Issues, you’ll see a green checkmark and No differences displayed. No action is needed.

If you see that you have Quantity Issues displayed, you can fix them manually.

1.  Click See details.

2.  If your POS quantities are correct for all items, select the radio button at the top of the Square column.

3.  After you select the products you’d like to adjust to match the POS quantity, scroll down and click Reconcile Quantities.

4.  If your eCommerce quantities are correct, select the radio button at the top of the WooCommerce column and then click Reconcile Quantities.

Note: If the option to select radio buttons is missing for your eCommerce platform, you must adjust those products by manually editing the quantities directly in your POS. This often occurs if you have multiple POS locations.

5.  Your product quantities will now be back in sync. The quantity issue is resolved and no further action is needed.