I've made a change to my product in my POS or eCommerce platform. How do I get my product to resync?

SKU IQ automatically syncs changes to product fields like inventory quantity, title, brand, price, etc. when they are edited in your POS or eCommerce platform. New product data syncs from Lightspeed to Wix within 20 to 30 minutes. New product data syncs from Wix to Lightspeed within 1 to 10 minutes.

However, we are unable to sync changes to a product’s structure if edits are made in your POS or eCommerce platform. If you need to change the structure of your product in one platform in order to get your products to sync, it’s always best to archive or delete the product group/matrix and then create brand new products. For example, if you need to change a product group in Lightspeed so it’s no longer in a matrix, archive or delete the product group and then create new separate products to reflect each variant that was in the group. 

If you edit a current product structure without archiving it and starting over from scratch, SKU IQ is not likely to be able to reimport that edited product correctly, which can lead to problems like duplicate variants. It is best practice to create a brand new product rather than edit an existing product so you can avoid having issues with getting your products to link properly.

Contact the SKU IQ support team if you need help understanding how to edit your products or if you have made edits to your POS or eCommerce inventory and need help resyncing the changes. If you’ve made multiple product edits, the support team can re-import your product catalog so SKU IQ will reflect the latest changes.