My WooCommerce products aren't showing in SKU IQ after I connected to WooCommerce. How do I get my WooCommerce products to appear?

If your WooCommerce products don't import or display in SKU IQ, if you are experiencing API-related problems, or if you're receiving messages when attempting to connect SKU IQ to your WooCommerce account, you must enable the Legacy REST API within your WooCommerce settings.

1.  You’ll receive an error message in the SKU IQ dashboard indicating that the API is disabled. 

2.  Log into your WooCommerce account.

3.  In the WooCommerce menu, click Settings, click the Advanced tab, and then click Legacy API. Check the box to enable the Legacy REST API, and then click Save changes.

4.  In your SKU IQ dashboard, click the here link within the error message to restore your WooCommerce connection. Your products will begin importing into SKU IQ.