General FAQs

Does SKU IQ provide reporting?

SKU IQ offers a variety of reports and reporting options. Below is an overview of each.

Link Report

A Link report identifies duplicate products found between your POS and eCommerce platform. For example, a product listed on both platforms may have a different title or product description but use the same SKU. 

SKU IQ can merge or link the items so that a single product’s quantity remains consistent between the two platforms. This allows SKU IQ to treat products existing differently in both systems, as one inventory item.

  • You can choose which systems (POS or eCommerce) you’d like to run the link report for, or you can link them all. 
  • Click Refresh Report to generate a new link report.

Quantity Issues

SKU IQ checks your inventory daily for inaccuracies. Quantity issues arise when your POS and eCommerce platforms are reporting different stock levels for the same product/item. 

To make sure accurate stock levels are syncing, you must select the platform that shows the correct quantity for each item. By choosing the accurate platform, the system will use that system as ‘the rule’ for the correct levels. 

If you’re experiencing quantity issues, schedule a one-on-one consultation here.

Sync events

A sync event is any time your POS and eCommerce sync your inventory information, updating you with the most current data. 

You can filter sync events by date and SKU number. 

The status of each product will appear as “success,” “error,” and “pending.”

You will also be shown the time and date that the sync event occurred so you can refresh as needed.


Sell-through rate measures the amount of inventory you’ve sold in a month versus the amount of inventory shipped to you from your supplier. The sell-through rate enables you to gather data about your supply-chain's health and efficiency. 

Since eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Ebay, and Shopify have risen in popularity, it’s more important than ever for physical stores to aim for high sell-through rates. Anything sitting on the shelf is costing you money you could use for better-selling products. 

You will see the following sell-through attributes displayed: 

  • SKU
  • Product title
  • Brand
  • Size and color 
  • Quantity sold online
  • Quantity sold in-store
  • Quantity on hand
  • Sell-through percentage rate
  • Cost
  • Sales and profit

To view product variations together such (i.e.: size and color), select ‘Group by project.’

To view sell-through percentages within a certain time span, select your desired date ranges and download the information into a CSV file.

Top products

Savvy business owners keep an eye on their top selling products to make smart, informed business decisions. 

SKU IQ shows you all of your product analytics in one place, allowing you to see inventory availability sorted by channel.

Changing the date range gives you the ability to see which products were high or low sellers, during the selected time period.

SKU IQ makes product analytic reporting easy so you can create promotions and offer relevant discounts and customer incentives.

Top customers

Knowing which customers spend the most money with you allows you to give them the acknowledgement they deserve! 

You can view your top customers’ orders by date, which retail platform they used, which products they purchased, and their order totals!

SKU IQ shows you who your top customers are so you can send them promotions based on their spending activity. Your consistent customers will not only feel incentivized to do more business with you, but they’ll also feel as if your offers are customized for them!