When I update the title, price, or other data in Square, the change doesn't reflect on my website. How do I set SKU IQ to make those changes sync across both platforms?

You can choose Square to be your primary system or source of truth for any changes you make to product titles, prices, or other data. Contact the SKU IQ support team if you’d like to make Square the source of truth so that changes made within Square will pass through SKU IQ to your website. 

This feature is not enabled by default, and only certain fields can be synced across platforms. Additional fees may apply depending on your subscription level.

The following fields can be synced from Square to WooCommerce, or from WooCommerce to Square, depending on your preference:

  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Price
  • Size
  • SKU
  • Images

Additionally, UPCs can be synced only in one direction, from WooCommerce to Square. Only original, existing images from WooCommerce can be sent to Square - new or updated images cannot be synced after a product has been linked. Unit Cost, Brand, Color, and tags cannot be synced across both platforms.